Allegro zapowiada duże zmiany. Platforma przestanie być „graciarnią”

Allegro recently announced to its customers the upcoming changes that it plans to implement within the next few months. These changes, set to be introduced in July, will primarily affect the platform itself. One of the most significant changes is the requirement for all products sold through Allegro to be linked to the platform’s product catalog. This means that sellers will need to ensure that their products are accurately listed and categorized within the catalog in order to improve their search engine optimization (SEO) on the platform.

This move by Allegro aims to streamline the shopping experience for customers by providing them with more accurate and relevant search results. By linking products to the platform’s catalog, customers will be able to easily find and compare products, making their shopping experience more efficient and convenient.

In addition to this, Allegro also plans to introduce new features and tools to help sellers manage their products more effectively. This includes the ability to create and manage product variations, such as different sizes or colors, within a single listing. This will not only save time for sellers but also make it easier for customers to find the exact product they are looking for.

Furthermore, Allegro will also be implementing changes to its product review system. Customers will now be able to leave reviews for specific product variations, providing more accurate and detailed feedback for potential buyers.

These changes are part of Allegro’s ongoing efforts to improve the overall shopping experience for its customers and provide a more user-friendly platform for both buyers and sellers. With these updates, Allegro aims to maintain its position as the leading e-commerce platform in Poland and continue to provide a seamless and efficient shopping experience for all its users. 

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