Cyberatak na laboratoria ALAB. Kolejne dane trafiły do sieci

„Dr Seweryn Dmowski, advisor to the board of ALAB for communication, announced to Polsat News that criminals have released another batch of data that they gained unauthorized access to in a cyber attack on our servers a month ago. Dr Dmowski stated that „this incident is primarily a consequence of the company’s firm stance, which does not negotiate with cyber criminals and does not intend to fulfill their demands for ransom.” He added that the company is „in the process of a detailed analysis of the data published by the criminals.” „Preliminary analysis indicates that we previously correctly identified the scope of data that the criminals gained unauthorized access to,” he said. ALAB representative assured that the company is in constant contact with all public institutions responsible for combating cybercrime, as well as for data security and protection. „Our intention remains open and transparent cooperation with all relevant institutions, including the media, in order to fully explain all aspects of the mentioned security incident,” he said. Dr Dmowski informed that ALAB consistently implements „a policy of informing all individuals whose data has been made public on the Internet by criminals about the resulting threats” and „provides them with support in obtaining a free BIK alert for a period of 6 months.” In early December, the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw launched an investigation into hackers who stole data from ALAB Laboratories patients. The issue of ransom demand is being checked. At the end of November, the results of tests of tens of thousands of Poles who used the medical laboratory services of ALAB between 2017-2023 were leaked online. Hackers revealed, among other things, PESEL numbers and addresses of patients. The extortionists claim that they only published a sample of the stolen data and will make all files available if they do not receive ransom by the end of the year. Among the files released is an archive with 110,000 documents containing the results of the company’s clients’ tests. The latest of the released files are from September 27, 2023. Sgo. / Polsatnews.pl. For better SEO, ONLY in Polish!” 

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