Mamy listę smartfonów Motoroli, które dostaną Androida 14!

„Motorola has many fans in Poland and Europe, as well as other parts of the world. The manufacturer successfully combines a very good technical specification with satisfactory performance and affordable prices. The added value is also the minimalist overlay, which significantly speeds up the distribution of subsequent versions of Android – including the latest, fourteenth version of the operating system from Google. It has not been too long since the premiere of the new software. Google released it to the market in October 2023. So it can be said that in many ways it is still a typical technological novelty that arouses great interest in the industry. What new features will Android 14 offer? Among the key changes, we must undoubtedly mention: expanded customization options (e.g. adding your own shortcuts to the lock screen, easier font and widget changes), new features monitoring the user’s health – Health Connect, additional security measures, including eliminating previously detected security vulnerabilities in Android. This is not, of course, a complete list of improvements, but these innovations were often emphasized by Google. In addition, different manufacturers also smuggle in their own improvements, usually hidden in the system overlay. Which Motorolas will receive the update to Android 14? The YTECHB portal reports that the manufacturer wants to release an upgrade for a surprisingly large number of smartphones. We have prepared a list, sorting it by the highest ranked devices from the RAZR series, through EDGE, to the mid-range G family. In order, these are the following Motkas: razr 40 Ultra, razr 40, razr+ 2023, razr 2023, razr 2022, edge+ 2023, edge 2023, edge+ 2022, edge 2022, edge+ 5G UW 2022, edge 40 Pro, edge 40 Neo, edge 40, edge 30 Pro, edge 30 Neo, edge 30 Fusion, edge 30, G 5G 2023, G Stylus 5G 2023, G Stylus 2023, G Power 5G 2023, g84 5G, g73 5G, g54, g53 5G, g23, g14. It can be assumed that Motorola will not break the rules that the mobile industry has been governed by for over a decade: first, the most expensive products available in the manufacturer’s portfolio will be updated, and then the cheaper ones. This allows us to conclude that Android 14 should arrive first on smartphones from the RAZR 40, EDGE 2023 line, and only later on older constructions with the characteristic Motorola logo. Unfortunately, the official start date for the update for Europe, including Poland, is still unknown. However, considering that the competition will certainly not be burying their heads in the sand, we should not wait too long. It can be assumed that early spring 2024 is a fairly likely date. We will definitely come back to this matter. / Polsatnews.pl. for better SEO, ONLY in Polish!” 

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