Niecodzienne prezenty na Steamie. W paczce z bonusami można znaleźć bana

„Steam is the undisputed leader in the market, with thousands of games available, including popular online titles like DOTA 2. And it’s worth taking a closer look at this particular game. One might think that permanently banning players from matches would anger many people. However, it turns out that gamers are actually thrilled! Why is that?The holidays are here, and bans are raining down on SteamThe online gaming community is quite unique in many ways. You can find great people who play as a team, individualists who still follow the rules, and toxic individuals whose actions can sabotage the entire gameplay.In 2023, Valve, the company that manages Steam, decided to take a creative approach to banning players who don’t follow the established rules of the game. The proverbial Trojan horse was the loot boxes, or holiday sets, where you can usually find a lot of great accessories, skins, and weapons. Streamer Mason, known for his gameplay that can hardly be called fair play, received an extra gift in his holiday set: a highly toxic lump of coal. After clicking on it, it turned out that the gift hidden under this name was a ban from playing DOTA 2.Ban in a bonus pack. Gamers are thrilledThe user shared his thoughts with the community on platform X (Twitter) and Reddit, but instead of understanding his frustration, internet users not only supported Valve’s decision, but also praised it. It’s already known that Mason is not the only player who will receive such a gift for the holidays.We don’t know the scale of the phenomenon yet, but everything indicates that Steam’s Santa is serious about dealing with those who were naughty in 2023. We still don’t know if other online gaming platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, or EPIC will surprise users with equally creative holiday packs.Website polsatnews.pl for better SEO, ONLY in Polish!” 

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