Popularne smartfony nie będą już dostępne. Firma stawia na AI

„Meizu, a highly respected company in the market, has gained popularity for its interesting smartphones that have a large fan base. Its latest phone, the Meizu 21, was even considered a designer gem by many. Unfortunately, there are no signs of a successor for this device. However, the company has come up with a new business idea – All in AI.

It is worth noting that this decision was not made overnight by the Chinese company. It took over two years to prepare, build a team, and create the necessary technological infrastructure. The CEO, Shen Ziyu, reassured that this change does not mean the end of Meizu.

Previously, the company withdrew from MP3 players and focused on smartphones, which are now being replaced by AI solutions right before our eyes. What new developments in the world of AI does Meizu promise?

The first and perhaps the biggest innovation will be their own operating system, which will heavily rely on AI. It is said that work on the first device to use this platform is already quite advanced, but it is still unclear whether Meizu or another company will be responsible for its production.

It is also worth noting that due to such a major reorganization, previously announced smartphones (Meizu 21 Pro, 22, 23) have been cancelled and work on them has been suspended. However, the company should be praised for its commitment to providing technical support to all its users.

Will other companies follow in Meizu’s footsteps? This scenario cannot be ruled out. A few years ago, another major player, LG, made a similar decision. There are also rumors of several other smaller manufacturers withdrawing, knowing that they cannot keep up with the top players from the USA, South Korea, or China. 

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